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    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Wagner provides clinical services to patients exclusively through a teletherapy platform. He does not provide any clinical services directly within an office setting. Click on the link below to Learn More about Teletherapy)

    The shifting cultural landscape and recent world events has, undoubtedly, created unprecedented challenges for every individual, couple, and family across this nation. Perhaps no other aspect of our lives has been so drastically and dramatically exposed, stretched, and ravaged as our emotional, mental, and psychological health. 

    ·      “I’m just in a funk. I’ve tried everything. Nothing has helped.”

    ·      “I can’t stop worrying about things…everything is piling on.”

    ·      “My wife and I have barely spoken in months…I work all the time just to avoid going home.”

    ·      “I just don’t want to get out of bed…I’m so exhausted all the time.”

    ·      “Why am I constantly “on edge” all the time? I’m so agitated and cranky.” 

    Depression. Anxiety. Relationship problems…Whatever you call it, the fact that you’re reading this website means one thing…that it’s real. Maybe what your experiencing is new, and you’re struggling with how to navigate such an unfamiliar and unexpected “season” of emotional and psychological turmoil…..OR……maybe you’re experiencing something painfully familiar, and for the first time, you’re courageously willing to acknowledge what you’ve been so desperately trying to avoid for a long time – that you feel hopeless and alone, stuck at the proverbial “foot of the mountain”, terrified to start the long and painful climb up into the unknown, and yet, perhaps more terrified to stay where you’re at.

    Whatever your story, I want to hear it….and I want to help. Let’s chat.

    Dr. John J. Wagner - Psychologist

    A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the strength of the branch, but, instead, on her own wings.